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Art Concept Secundino Hernandez

featuring: Ben Callaway, Sidsel Carre, Ana de Fontecha, Miguel Marina, Cristina Mejeas, Kiko Perez, Bernhard Rappold, Alfredo Rodriguez, Manuel M. Romero, Cristina Spinelli, Felipe Talo

Opening: 10th of November 2023, at 7 pm
Exhibition duration: 11th of November – 13th of January, 2024


'' SELF SUPER AND HART: AND KIND FOR ERIBODI is a personal vision of the emerging art world in Spain curated by artist SH. Throughout the exhibition, we will witness a vibrant scene in which the affinities and divergences create a polyhedric and yet consistent vision between artists. SH unveils both affinities and differences with its generational counterparts by celebrating the meeting points, and curiously exploring the counterpoints.

The show displays an organic vision that aims to embody how diverse works converge in its use of procedures and languages (including photography, painting, sculpture, video and performance) rather than through a discursive proposal or a set of statements.

The artists' gaze provides the chance to share an organic vision of the materials, the arrangement in space and the visual power of the work, providing a candid yet powerful survey of today's art in Spain.''

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